Our Total Tramp Metal Improvement Initiative focuses on three products designed to safeguard your conveyors from tramp metal. 

  • Tramp Metal Magnets

  • Tramp Metal Detectors (TMD)

  • Belt Demagnetisation System

You are most likely familiar with the first two products and may be wondering how the third product fits in and how it safeguards your conveyors.

The belt demagnetisation system is the key to improving tramp metal detection. TMD's are more sensitive to tramp metal when magnetic fields are removed from steel cord belts.

1. Conduct a comprehensive site audit of your TMD's and record the levels of magnetism within and around your conveyor belts. Provide a detailed report of findings. 

2. Install a belt demagnetisation system to remove the magnetism in the belt. Report on data after installation and compare to initial data. 

3. Calibrate the TMD's to their optimum performance. 

Regular 6-monthly inspections and monitoring of the TMD's, Belt Demagnetisation systems and magnetism in the conveyor belt.