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Conveyor Rollers


Our ultra heavy duty forming rollers are CNC machined from AS1442 1045 grade billet steel for the shells and AS1444 grade 4140 for the shafts.

Our rollers are assembled using SKF bearings and a unique sealing method to eliminate moisture and contaminate ingress..


VeyTech design and manufacture “heavy duty” idlers and rollers for impact zones and heavy tension areas where high failure rates occur.
These idlers and rollers have designed & engineered bearing housings and shafts complete with SKF seals and bearings to give superior performance and longevity.
Impact idlers have autoclaved natural or FRAS rubber with soft design edges and are cylindrically ground to guarantee smooth and balanced operation with the integrity of the rubber. The result is improved wear life and performance reducing down-time due to idler and roller failures


Veytech's Rubber Disc Return Idlers are manufactured with durable natural or FRAS rubber discs positioned at regular intervals along the roller to effectively eliminate conveyor belt carry back build up. This is done by breaking up the material on the return side of the conveyor belt which is normally concentrated in the centre of the belt. The rubber discs are bunched together at either end of the roller to provide support and protection to the belt edges.


VeyTech supply the Tribotech range of rollers.

Weartech is a high-quality composite roller that combines the best of both steel and plastic rollers, offering a roller life beyond conventional steel rollers while remaining belt-friendly, strong and lightweight.

5x Roller Life: Weartech Composite Rollers have proven to offer phenomenal wear resistance against the most abrasive applications, outlasting Steel Rollers by a factor of up to 5.

5x Load Capacity: Weartech is a high-load capacity roller, offering 5 to 6 times the strength of common Plastic Rollers made of PVC or HDPE and close to that of Steel Rollers. All Weartech Composite Rollers are machined for optimal roundness and low T.I.R., significantly increasing the life of the rollers.

40% Lighter: Weartech Composite Rollers are in average 40% lighter than equivalent Steel Rollers. This not only reduces safety risks, bit also improves roller installation productivity.

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