quality policy



VeyTech is committed to developing and maintaining management system to AS/NZS ISO 9001 with a view to providing employees and interested parties with the leadership, guidance and instruction to ensure our service provision is consistent throughout all of VeyTech’s operations by:

• Providing quality products and services efficiently, that are technically innovative, defect-free and on-time; 

• Providing the best possible quality outcome with the least amount of risk; 

• Satisfying the agreed contractual and commercial quality requirements.

VeyTech is committed to complying with the requirements of the management system and continual improvement through monitoring, analysing, reviewing and improving the effectiveness of processes by:

• understanding our client’s needs,

• consult with clients to develop their needs,

• high standards of service are maintained,

• train employees to be effective in their processes,

• establish and maintain a continual improvement work environment,

• provide a framework for the regular review of objectives,

• requirements are communicated to and understood at all levels in the organisation, and

• operations and activities are regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and effectiveness. 


The Quality Policy establishes the basis and authority upon which management practices are based.