It is VeyTech’s policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care in conducting its operations. Our approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance by taking into account evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations. 

The management of VeyTech acknowledge that the nature of the business operations may have an impact on the environment and that legal and moral obligations must be addressed to avoid environmental damage or deterioration. The company is committed to compliance with environmental management legislation and regulations, and to the modification of its business practices as legislation and regulations is amended. Managers and supervisors will ensure that the planning of all work processes considers protection of the environment and they will continue to identify aspects of the operation where such protection can be improved by the changing of process methods and activities. The primary issues that will be considered at all times are:

• Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and where laws do not adequately protect the environment, apply standards that minimise any adverse environmental impacts on the surrounding sites resulting from operations

• Communicate openly with the government and community on environmental issues and contribute to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that may affect the Company.

• Ensure that objectives & targets are identified and programs put in place to monitor and review as well as ensuring that environmental risks arising from an operation are identified, controlled, monitored and reviewed.

• Establish programs to conserve resources, minimise wastes and protect the environment

• The prevention of pollution of the atmosphere, the land and the immediate surroundings on and in which business operations are carried out, wherever possible and practicable, the recycling of waste, and where recycling is not possible or practicable, ensuring that waste is disposed of in a manner which protects the environment.

All employees are responsible for ensuring the environment is protected from damage at all times and will take immediate action to minimise environmental impacts. Employees are also encouraged to discuss, with managers and supervisors, changes to existing practices that will help in avoiding environmental damage or deterioration.